After a Lifetime Affliction, Man is Finally Cured of Collegitis

NOTE: Collegitis sets in when you have been to so much college that you only believe things which come out of ‘accredited’ institutions, corporations, brick and mortar buildings and people wearing silly white coats.

A very nice Earth Lady wrote me…

“Am on the verge of convincing a longtime friend about Distilled Water…. he has been warning me off with great concern for over a year….. sent me the “early death” article, and within an hour I came across your Vinny Eastwood interivew. sent it to him. i know he will watch it. we’ll see…

Here is the his response after watching the Vinny Eastwood show – and only the first 15 minutes so far….. thought you would enjoy this.”

“Jane is out getting new front tires on the car after we had a flat. After I watched the first 15 minutes, I sent it to her and asked her to watch while she’s waiting. Never knew some of that stuff about urine. I mean I’ve read about urine therapy and watched a couple of videos, but learning about the antigens and then how antibodies are made when you drink a few drops kind of blew me away.

I majored in biology and during that time took micro, organic chem, immunology and human genetics among many other bio courses and not one word about this. Blew my mind. And in such simple terms anyone could understand! Got distracted, had to feed the cats and send out a couple of emails, but getting back to it now.”

After watching the rest of it…

“The urine thing I have no problem with. I mean it’s a little gross when you think about it as we’ve been raised thinking it was only a waste product. One has to have an open mind to get beyond that. If people knew it was supposed to be clear and kind of sweet and not what an alley in Center City smells like, perhaps the information would be easier to swallow, pun not intended.

I just finished watching. I was really floored when he said people without a college education will find it easier to grasp, I can understand why, especially those of us educated in the “Life Sciences”, what a joke.

Sitting here in amazement as another layer of my bullshit education and cultural memes were melted away. All of it made sense. All of it. Looks like I’ll be tinkering trying to make an evaporation unit this winter as I won’t have the garden to play in.

Thank you for sharing the video and the web site. I know you’ve shared the web site with me before, but I guess the timing wasn’t right. Now it is and I appreciate it.”


Here is a link to the Vinny Eastwood interview…